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Why do you do the things you do? What’s your purpose in everything you do - your goals, your direction of energy, your priorities?

That’s a hard and loaded question, but it’s fascinating to see what people say in response.

  1. The first wave of people to respond to that will often be those made cynical and bitter by events in their life and perhaps the people they’ve spent a large amount of time around.
  2. Following that will be those who have given this a non-trivial amount of thought (and sometimes even documented it… like myself).
  3. Then you get those who have heard the question in the past but haven’t come up with a succinct answer.
  4. And finally, those who haven’t given it much thought at all.

Through all the goals, achievements, and milestones in your life, I believe it’s crucial to have reasons why you do what you do, and choose to spend your 16 (or sometimes less…) waking hours devoting yourself to one or more activities.

More recently, I’ve realised that I haven’t been pursuing my job with principles and purposes that I could write down on a piece of paper; instead, very much like so many other people, I got entangled in the web of goals, and what better or more common a response to goal-setting do people have than disappointment, fatigue, and even depression?

That said, if you stop looking at how much you’ve filled the rhetorical progress bar by, and instead find that you can congratulate yourself for yet another successful day that has seen your effort and allocated human hours directed towards what (or who) you believe in, there can be no failure. There can be no disappointment. You set yourself a box, and you ticked it.

This line of thought produced the below manifesto I now follow in my work (which you may click to download), and often affects my personal life with equal, if not greater, positivity. May it stir your imagination and spark some motivation in you, dear reader.

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