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Synology RT2600ac OpenVPN Access Denied

On my (relatively) brand new shiny Synology RT2600ac, the VPN Plus app that allows me to connect to my router via OpenVPN stopped working today. Even though the server reported successful connection attempts, my phone reported that access was denied with the error AUTH_FAILED [ERR]. As seen in this post (which is depressingly from November 2018), other people have been having the same issue.

If I try to reconnect from my iPhone it will try to establish a connection with the VPN server and after verifying certificates and sending PUSH_REQUEST to the server, the connection attempt fails with the error message AUTH_FAILED [ERR]. Just to clarify, this is not a credentials issue - username/password is correct.

Interestingly, the user log in the VPN Plus server shows a Login authentication from [IP] is successful for the user that I’m trying to connect with.

Peter (@pflota) — Synology Community

OpenVPN mobile app

Since I run services that connect in from the outside world, I can’t afford to simply restart my router every time something like this happens. Fortunately, one is able to stop and then start the app independently of other router functions. It’s not ideal and is definitely a workaround versus a fix, but I suppose that’s all I can do before figuring out what’s causing the issue.

VPN Plus settings

It might be worth trying Synology’s bespoke VPN service in place of OpenVPN. It’s reported to be slower, but that’s not an issue given that I only VPN into my home network for temporal admin activities.

Synology VPN settings

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