Posts Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog!

It’s great to have you here, supposedly interested in my content. I’ve moved from WordPress to GitHub Pages, so hopefully this should prove to be an interesting learning experience. I was trying out the Grav CMS for the better part of 48 hours, but quickly found it to be quite cumbersome. My motivation for moving from WordPress to Grav included:

  • Grav most certainly loads faster than WordPress in most instances.
  • To get WordPress to load fast assuming you have more than zero plugins and themes, you need to spend time and effort on it.
  • There’s something alluring and enjoyable about a flat-file CMS which I’d love to become comfortable with.
  • Speaking of comfort, something inexplicable about WordPress stopped me from freely adding content at will, and made me too worried and occupied about the small details around publication; that meant that content often came second, which clearly isn’t a good thing.

However, I very quickly saw the rather complicated and involved side of PHP library issues and environmental nuances which meant it worked on my local machine but not when deployed, or vice versa. Furthermore:

  • Static pages rendered by Jekyll are considerably faster and smaller than almost any PHP application.
  • No PHP means no vulnerabilities.
  • The Grav blog I was testing out was running on DigitalOcean, which ran at $5/mo. While that’s a very reasonable price, I gained nothing by paying the price for running code in place of displaying static content (which also would have been free under DigitalOcean).
  • Some small conventions like use of the term tag to represent multiple tags in front matter was an odd convention I couldn’t get my head around.
  • When hosting on GitHub Pages, the repository you’re uploading to is the same service that performs the build and hosting. It’s nice and tidy to have everything in one place.
  • GitHub is awesome, so that’s 15 points right there.

In any event, may you enjoy the content to come on this site, which you should expect to see more of.

Have fun out there!

This post is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 by the author.